With a congregation size of more than 4,000, ICA has a significant need to develop leaders, to provide discipleship training to members and also provide opportunities to help develop the spiritual and natural gifts and talents in our congregation to enable them to be more effective in their Christian service.  ICA's current pastors, especially in the international worship services, are mainly homegrown – risen from being members of the congregation to leaders and then pastors after equipping themselves with a theological degree – and we want to continue this trend through providing potential pastors with the right learning opportunities. highlight

ICA Academy's vision is to be a vehicle to meet all of ICA's learning and development needs both for our congregation and our leaders through the provision of appropriate learning and development events, programs and courses offered by the various schools that come under its umbrella. ICA Academy also wants to be a resource to international churches by making available its training courses across churches in the region. ICA is well aware of the unique challenges of pastoring and being in leadership in an international church with a cross-cultural mix of church members from a different language, social and economic backgrounds.

The transient nature of both pastors and members in international churches adds to the ministry challenges.