Who We Are

Our vision as the School of Worship is to equip worshippers as singers and musicians with the knowledge and understanding of God, and excellence in skill. We provide a Biblical framework of worship in the Kingdom of God with a balance of engaging the heart, mind, soul and skill.

This Fall, we are excited to announce that we are offering a 6-Week Intensive (Advanced) Course on Worship! Our heart is that you would be equipped with the tools to grow in your faith and journey in Christ as a worshipper and singer/musician.

Course Overview

Course Sessions

Week 1
October 12

Session 1: The Heart of Worship & Pursuing Excellence
Session 2: Team Dynamics & Management

Week 2
October 19

Session 1: “Behold!”
Session 2: Song Analysis II

Week 3
October 26

Session 1: Life of Worship
Session 2: Band Theory

Week 4
November 9  

Session 1: The Power of Worship
Session 2: Band Labs/Instrument Workshops

Week 5
November 16

Session 1: Leading Worship I & II
Session 2: Band Labs/Instrument Workshops

Week 6
November 23        

Session 1: Internal Tensions & Spontaneous Worship II
Session 2: Band Labs/Instrument Workshops

Application Process

  1. Complete the  Application Form with a recent photo of yourself.
  2. Have your pastor fill in an additional pastor's recommendation form.
    *If your pastor is your parent or spouse, ask another member of the church's pastoral staff to complete the form, and then have them directly send it to us in a timely manner.
  3. Audition & Interview. After we receive your application, we'll provide you with date and time options to come in for a 30-minute interview and audition. This is simply so that we get to know you better, and where you're at as a musician/singer.
    *If you don't play an instrument or sing at all, there will be a 10-15-minute interview.

Acceptance: You will receive an Application Letter from us upon successful application.

Graduation Requirements

The ICA Academy Graduation is an annual event, and in order to graduate, the requirements are as follows:

  • Attendance: 100% attendance is strongly encouraged. However, if need be, 1 absence only is allowed. *If there is a foreseeable absence, please let us know beforehand, and we may bring it to consideration.
  • Homework Submission: At least 80% of the session homework must be completed in order to pass.
  • Required Reading (Book Summary & Reflection): This must be completed in order to pass.
For more information and admission, please send us an email at [email protected]