The School of the Spirit (SOS) was established in 2010 with a primary vision to equip, empower and release the prophetic ministry in ICA. Students of SOS meet regularly and receive teaching and impartation from those in the prophetic office.

God is speaking all the time. When God speaks to us, we are changed, encouraged, convicted and healed. We are challenged to walk with Him more intimately. Many in the Bible had divine encounters with God. They saw visions, and they heard His voice. However, many in the church today do not hear because they do not know that He desires to speak to them. They are not in a position to listen because they are unable to discern His voice.

In SOS, students explore the different ways that God desires to minister to us in the power of His Holy Spirit and the gifts that He brought with Him when He came to live in His people. As a class, students develop a dependency that is not solely on their acquired knowledge of God, but rather an ability to discern the Holy Spirit's presence and His desire to use them in the operation of His gifts. Not only do they learn what these gifts are, they also receive instructions as to how to activate the gifts and believe that His power and blessing will manifest through them.

Prominent topics covered in the class:
• How to hear God's voice
• The ministry of the prophet
• Prophetic intimacy with God
• The gift of prophecy
• Prophetic protocol