Year 1, 2023 Taking Applications.

We're living in the midst of the most exciting time in human history. If ever there was a time to rise in power and truth, it's now. Get equipped, empowered and activated in the supernatural. Be part of what God's doing in this city through the Hong Kong School of Supernatural Ministry.

A 12-month dynamic curriculum that will transform your lives and communities. Living a supernatural lifestyle is easier than you think!

Year 1, 2023 Outreach to His Sanctuary of Glory, Kuala Lumpur
On Aug 3, 2023, a team of 42 from HKSSM set out for an outreach to His Sanctuary of Glory (HSG) in Kuala Lumpur. The team consists of HKSSM Year 1 students representing 17 churches, 9 nations from Hong Kong, Singapore, Sri Lanka, Germany, Australia, the United States, and more. The team's remarkable unity was evident as they operated under the anointing of God, actively advancing His Kingdom through prophetic words, healing, words of knowledge, testimonies, and prophetic paintings. As the scripture says in 1 Cor 4:20, the Kingdom of God is not a matter of talk but of power.
On Friday evening, we were invited to minister to combined cell groups of HSG. We sent 7 teams of students who passionately shared their personal testimonies, prophesied and released healing to all who came. The impact was profound as many individuals witnessed miracles, such as instant pain relief, the lame began to walk, shrinking and disappearing of lumps, uneven legs leveled, and more! The students also shared accounts of how the Holy Spirit gave them precise prophetic words that deeply ministered to the heart of the recipients. It was truly a demonstration of the power and goodness of our Lord Jesus Christ. The following day, we continued to minister to the HSG Youths, HSG Leaders and Worship Team. We dedicated more time for the release of prophetic words and impartation of father and mother blessings to the attendees. Many were moved to tears, leading to forgiveness, reconciliation and healing in their families.
The highlight of the outreach was the HSG Combined Sunday service. Principal Pastor Lindy delivered a powerful message on how we are all called to follow in the footstep of Jesus and advance the Kingdom with power. During the ministry time, the response from the congregation was immediate: we saw a huge hunger for God as people eagerly raise their hands in response to the call, queuing up for healing and prophetic ministry. The waiting lines extended for over 1.5 hours! Testimony poured in as the attendees shared their reports of instant healing, and the prophetic words released were spot on, bringing glory to God and affirming His presence and goodness in us.
As Zechariah 4:6 reminds us, it's not by might, nor by power, but by my Spirit, says the Lord of hosts. With this verse in mind, we conclude the outreach a time of thanksgiving, acknowledging it is all because of Him that we were able to witness His goodness. God has been faithful time and time, and this is only the beginning!
The Art of Hearing God, 2023
Class Interactions
Healing Interactions
Prophetic Practicum

HKSSM YEAR 1, 2023


Life in the classroom is energetic, interactive and full of enthusiasm. We actually have a great deal of fun. Students are given lots of opportunities to put to practice what they are learning. Students are not afraid to make mistakes because the class will cheer you on with great applause. Students speak English, Cantonese and Mandarin. Each class will incorporate these activities:

  • Live Worship / Prophetic Soaking
  • Sharing Testimonies
  • Teaching / Impartation / Activation
  • Small Group Interactions / Discussions
  • Practice Hearing God / Prophesying
  • Sharpening Spiritual Gifts / Heal The Sick / Word of Knowledge, etc.


I. The Art of Thinking Brilliantly

Graham Cooke

The Mind of Christ is the most powerful, brilliant and amazing way of thinking from heaven to earth. Building the right mindset is crucial to growth. We can never entertain thoughts that are detrimental to our identity. What if there are no such things as negatives; only possibilities that are yet to be encountered?

  • Building The Right Mindset
  • Reframing
  • The Law Of Life In Christ
  • We Are Only Challenged By Goodness
  • Everything Is A Possibility

II. Mind of a Saint

Graham Cooke

There is a state of grace in Christ, which allows us to see ourselves through the lens of Jesus living with the Father. As He is so are we in this world. All that He is becomes all that we are transformed to be in the power of the Spirit.

  • Renewing Your Spiritual Lens
  • Newness Of Life
  • Using The Language Of Heaven
  • Spiritual Appraisal
  • Capturing The Thoughts Of God

III. The Art of Hearing God

John Thomas, Streams Ministries

Compulsory - all students are expected to attend all sessions

This is a profound course that will give you step-by-step instructions to learn to hear the voice of God clearly and consistently. You'll also learn how to distinguish God's voice from your own and to identify hindrances that is preventing you from hearing.

Some of the topics include:
  • The Audible Voice Of God
  • Knowing God's Voice
  • The Dark Night Of The Soul
  • Prophets And Psychics
  • Hardness Of Heart – Soul Rule
  • God-ward Meditation; Lectio Divina
  • The 3 Pillars Of Revelatory Ministry
  • Public And Private Victories
  • The Art Of Spiritual Listening
  • Listening To Correction And Rebuke;
    Curses Of The Tongue
  • Delivering A Prophetic Word;
  • Right / Left Brain Thinking
  • Spiritual Authority; The Spirit Of Lawlessness

Course Schedule: May 24 - 27, 2023 (6 sessions of 21 hours)

Wednesday  May 247pm – 10pm
Thursday  May 257pm – 10pm      
Friday  May 269:30am – 12:30pm / 1:30pm – 6pm (Public Holiday)
Saturday  May 279:30am – 12:30pm / 1:30pm – 6pm
Course Fee: HK$800 $600 Manual: HK$200 (200 pages) Total: HK$1000 $800
Discount Applicable to HKSSM Students only

IV. Prophetic Ministry

Kris Vallotton, Bethel Church, California

Some of the topics include:
  • Possessing Your Prophetic Destiny
  • The Purpose Of Prophetic Ministry
  • The Three Dimensions Of Prophecy
  • The Three Parts Of Prophecy
  • The Gifts Of The Holy Spirit Vs The Gifts Of Christ
  • God's Voice Vs People's Thoughts
  • Visions, Dreams And Voice Of God
  • Judging Prophetic Words
  • Guideline for Abuse in the Prophetic
  • Prophecy And Prophets Parts 1 – 3
  • Discerning False Prophets And Five Attributes of False Prophets

V. Kingdom Prayer

Edmound Teo, Senior Pastor of ICA

Some of the topics include:
  • Calling Heaven To Change Earth
  • Our Father In Heaven
  • Made In Heaven
  • Let Heaven Come!
  • Living On Earth As Citizens Of Heaven

VI. Healing Ministry

Lindy Heung, Principal of HKSSM, Head of The Healing Rooms

In the class, students will learn how to release words of knowledge for healing, followed with actually praying to get fellow students healed. It's usually an exhilarating time with lots of cheers throughout the classroom when body pain stops, skin allergy disappears, body alignment restored.  Students will also be given the opportunity to serve at The Healing Rooms

Some of the topics include:
  • Why is healing the sick important?
  • Faith is spelled “R I S K”
  • Wrong ideas about healing the sick
  • Why no long prayers
  • Prayer that moves God
  • Five steps to heal the sick
  • How to receive and release words of knowledge for healing
  • Something you need to know about breast cancer
  • How did Jesus deal with disappointment


Subject to change according to the principal


1/F Yalford Building, 44-50 Tanner Road, North Point. (MTR Exit B4)


Book reviews may be prepared in English or Chinese.

1Experiencing Father's Embrace – Jack Frost
經歷天父的擁抱 – 傑克 . 福斯特
   Due Jan 7, 2023
2God's Big Picture: Tracing the Storyline of the Bible (2002) – Vaughan Roberts
上帝的藍圖 -沃恩.羅伯茨
   Due Feb 10, 2023
3This Side of Heaven – Edmound Teo
天堂的這一邊 – 張聯強 (繁體及簡體版)
(Can be purchased from HKSSM @ HK$85)
   Due Mar 10, 2023
4The Prophetic Equipping Series, Volumes 1, 2 and 3 – Graham Cooke   Due Apr 30, 2023
5Walking in Supernatural Healing Power – Chris Gore   Due May 31, 2023
6Why I am still Surprised by the Power of the Spirit – Jack Deere   Due July 20, 2023
7Celebration of Discipline – The Path to Spiritual Growth – Richard Foster
化操練為生命禮讚 – 傅士德
   Due Sept 5, 2023
8Emotionally Healthy Spirituality: It's Impossible to Be Spiritually Mature, While Remaining Emotionally Immature – Peter Scazzero
培養高EQ 的靈命 – 彼得.史卡吉羅
   Due Oct 20, 2023
9God's Generals: Why They Succeeded and Why Some Failed – Robert Liardon
神的將領 : 為什麼他們成功別人卻失敗 – 羅拔士 . 李亞敦
   Due Nov 30, 2023

Highly Recommended and Optional (No book review required)

The Kingdom of God: Preached by Jesus… Forgotten by Us: A Call for Renewal of Kingdom Thinking & Kingdom Living among Christ's People (2002) – Wayne Barrett
Culture of Honor – Danny Silk 天國尊榮文化 – 丹尼 . 席克
The Essential Guide to Healing – Bill Johnson / Randy Clark 釋放屬天的醫治大能 – 比爾 . 強生牧師 ; 柯蘭迪


HKSSM is designed to be a ministry training center where our students embrace their royal identity, learn the values of the Kingdom and walk in the authority and power of the King. It is a fast-paced season of schooling and the training is pivotal and strategic. 90% of our Year 1 students continue their journey to our Year 2 and Year 3 (SDU) programs.

A strong and vigorous curriculum and interactive supernatural ministry training – everyone has to step out and cross the chicken line. You are to stretch your faith and practice walking in supernatural ministry.

It is a transformational experience and your life will be forever impacted. But HKSSM is not for everyone. It is not for those who are looking for a place to rehab or people who are coming out of a lifestyle of sin.

HKSSM is so right for those who are:


I. Submission of Application

1.  Admission Application with Photograph
2.  Application Fee
3.  Three References

One Pastor's Recommendation from the pastor of your attending church, and Two Personal Recommendations from people who know you well and provide insight on your character, gifts and calling.

All three recommendations must be sent by the references directly to the School and not through the applicant.

Recommendations from the applicant's relatives or spouse will not be accepted. If your pastor is your relative or spouse, you can ask another member of the church's pastoral staff to complete the recommendation.

Please follow up with these individuals to ensure they have completed and forwarded the recommendation directly to us in a timely manner.

II. Interview and Acceptance of Admission

The Admission Committee will arrange a personal interview with eligible applicants. Successful applicants will receive an Acceptance Letter from us.

III. Application Deadline

Applicants are advised to submit your application as early as possible. We operate a rolling admission process and number of offer is limited, which means the sooner you apply, the sooner your application will be assessed.


  1. Non-refundable application fee HK$ 250 to be submitted together with the Admission Application.
  2. Tuition HK$ 6,800 for the school year.
  3. Within 7 days of receiving your Acceptance Letter, you are required to submit a non-refundable / non-transferable HK$ 2,000 tuition deposit, which is applied towards your tuition payment. The balance of HK$4,800 is due on or before the date specified on the Acceptance Letter.
The tuition does not include:
  • Mission trips (local and overseas) that may occur during the school year;
  • Lecture Notes and recommended books;
  • All conferences and/or special seminars whether compulsory or otherwise during the school year such as The Art of Hearing God.
Payments may be made by cheque or bank transfer (email transfer receipt to HKSSM):
  1. Cheque payable to “ICA Academy” and sent to Hong Kong School of Supernatural Ministry: 1/F, Workingberg Commercial Building, 41-47 Marble Road, North Point, Hong Kong; or
  2. Bank transfer to ICA Academy.
Beneficiary Name: ICA AcademyBank: HSBCAccount No.: 801-506049-001


We love graduation and want to see every student graduate! At HKSSM graduation means the student has successfully completed the academic year, fulfilled 90% of attendance and completed all school assignments. Students eligible for graduation will have displayed godly character throughout the school year.