HKSSM YEAR 2, 2020

Graduate Leadership Program

After completing a life-changing and memorable Year 1, Year 2 will focus more on leadership, moving in prophetic lifestyle, inner healing and deliverance. The school year will cover around 30 sessions.

Current Academic Year:

January 9 – December 17, 2020

Course Eligibility:

Applicants must have successfully completed the HKSSM Year 1 program.


I. Leadership for The New Epoch Transition (DVD Sessions)

Kris Vallotton, Kris Vallotton Ministries, Bethel Church, California

Part 1
The Art of Government

  • The New Apostolic Age
  • Understanding Epoch Seasons
  • Government And Governors
  • Wineskins

Part 2
The Art of Leading People

  • Mission And Vision
  • Envisioning Goals, Plans And Steps
  • Measuring Success
  • Character And Risk

Part 3
The Art of Leading People

  • Motivational Leadership
  • Developing A Culture Of Reward
  • Heart Motivations
  • Managing People To Become A Winning Team
  • Managing Teams

II. Kingdom Movement (Live Sessions)

Rev. Dr. Edmound Teo, Senior Pastor of ICA

  • From The Law To The Gospel
  • God’s Action On Earth
  • A New Way Of Living
  • Heaven Sent
  • What Does This Mean?

III. Practical Prophetic Training Course (Live Sessions)

John E. Thomas, Streams Ministries, USA
* Compulsory course - HKSSM Year 2 students are required to complete this course.

This is a profound course that will give you step-by-step instructions to learn to hear the voice of God clearly and consistently. You’ll also learn how to distinguish God’s voice from your own and to identify hindrances that is preventing you from hearing.

  • How Does God Speak?
  • Major Differences Between Old Testament And New Testament Prophecy
  • Functions Of The Prophetic
  • Role, Ministry, Office
  • Emotionally Healthy Prophetic
  • Word Flavored Experience
  • Old Testament And New Testament Prophecy
  • Inaccurate Versus False Prophecy
  • Types Of Revelatory Gifts
  • 5-Fold Ministry And The Prophetic
  • Biblical Principles Concerning Ethics And Protocols Relating To New Testament Prophetic Ministry

IV. Inner Healing & Deliverance Program (Live Sessions)

Pastor Lindy Heung, Principal of HKSSM; Head of The Healing Rooms & Encounter Ministry

  • What Is Inner Healing And Deliverance?
  • Sozo
  • Heart Surgery
  • Generational Curses
  • Breaking Agreement With The Enemy
  • Keys To A Blessed Life
  • Healing Father And Mother Wounds
  • Prayers And Declarations
  • Group Healing And Deliverance


  1. Eternity is Now in Session – John Ortberg
  2. Life in the Kingdom – Edmound Teo
  3. A Tale of Three Kings – Gene Edwards
  4. Destined to Win – Kris Vallotton
  5. Re-read: Celebration of Discipline – Richard Foster


1. Tuition HK$ 3,800 for the school year

The tuition does not include:
  • Mission trips that may occur during the school year.
  • Lecture Notes and recommended books.
  • Conferences and/or special seminars that may occur during the school year.


Classes will take place at 1/F Yalford Building, 44-50 Tanner Road, North Point. (MTR Exit B4)