HKSSM - SDU, 2024


Who we are: 

  • Special Duties Unit
  • Special Deployment Unit
  • Sons and Daughters United
  • Sons and Daughters Unlimited
  • Sons and Daughters Unstoppable
  • Sons and Daughters Unleashed

Course Eligibility:

  • For students who have successfully completed HKSSM Year 1 and Year 2 programs.

Special features

  • John Thomas Impartation: May 9 – 11
  • Dream Interpretation Workshop
  • Tongue Interpretation Workshop
  • Inner Healing & SOZO Workshop
  • Leadership Forum / Mentorship
  • Topical Studies
  • Practicums


  • Kingdom Activation
  • Healing Conferences
  • Power Walks
    *All activities are subject to HKSSM leadership approval.

Class dynamics

  • Everyone is an active participant.
  • Everyone is a leader! Everyone is called!
  • Mentoring and empowerment among tribe members.
  • Accountability teams will progress beyond simply affirming one another to more intentional relationships, with the freedom to speak into circumstances, to disagree, to provide input which is not simply from a good heart, but reflects the larger purposes of what God's doing in the individual.
  • The posture of SDU members is not passive or of a spectator, but is dynamic and engaging, sharing and receiving in both horizontal (mentorship, teaching, and leading) and vertical (peer to peer) interactions between members.


1.Simply Jesus: A New Vision of Who He Was, What He Did, and Why He Matters – N.T. Wright 耶穌新探索 – 賴特新視野下耶穌的言行和影響力 – 湯姆.賴特Due Mar 20, 2024
2.How God became King: The Forgotten Story of the Gospels – N.T. Wright
耶穌作王, 什麼意思?:跟著賴特重讀四福音 – 湯姆.賴特
Due Jun 20, 2024
3.Surprised by Hope: Rethinking Heaven, the Resurrection, and the Mission of the Church
– N.T. Wright
Due Oct 20, 2024


  • Membership fee: HKD $2800
  • Course fee for John Thomas Impartation (May 9-11): HKD $450
  • Course fee for John Thomas Dream Workshop (May 21, 22): To be announced
The tuition does not include:
  • Mission trips that may occur during the school year.
  • Lecture Notes and recommended books.
  • Conferences and/or special seminars that may occur during the school year.

All HKSSM guidelines and codes of conduct apply equally to SDU.

If a student withdraws from school within the first month of commencing and has paid tuition in full, such student may receive a full refund of the paid tuition, after which there will not be any refund for whatever reason that a student is withdrawn or terminated from school. If a student is dismissed or terminated for any reason during the school year, no refund of tuition fee will be issued.


HKSSM - SDU, 2024

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