Who we are: 

  • Special Duties Unit
  • Special Deployment Unit
  • Sons and Daughters United
  • Sons and Daughters Unlimited
  • Sons and Daughters Unstoppable
  • Sons and Daughters Unleashed

Current Academic Year:

January 8 – December 14, 2022

Course Eligibility:

For students who have successfully completed HKSSM Year 1 and Year 2 programs.


  • Practicums / Exercises: To sharpen spiritual gifts
  • Kingdom Activation: Local outreaches to churches and ministries to equip, empower and activate believers. (To be proposed by SDU and subject to HKSSM Leadership approval.)
  • Power Walk: Every place that the sole of your foot will tread upon I have given to you, just as I promised to Moses. Joshua 1:3
  • Inner Healing & Sozo Workshop

Special features

  • John Thomas Impartation: May 2022
  • Dream Interpretation: Workshop with John Thomas
  • 13 Support / Interest Groups

Topical studies - to name a few

  1. The Mystery of Heaven's Finance
  2. The Mystery of the Law of Attraction
  3. Reasons Not to Engage in Second Heaven Warfare
  4. The Mystery of Total Forgiveness
  5. John Paul Jackson discusses Angels, demons and spiritual beings
  6. 7 Signs of an Unhealthy Soul Tie
  7. Hidden Things that Make or Break a Leader
  8. The Inerrancy of Scripture: Are there any errors in the Bible?
  9. The Sufficiency of Scripture: Is the Bible enough for knowing what God wants us to think or do?


  • Continuing development and growth in the ministry of Jesus.
  • Continue to sharpen and spur one another on in all of the Spirit's fruit and supernatural gifts.
  • Continue to steward, water, and prune the work that God has done in us through further activation. 

Class dynamics

  • Will include mentoring and empowerment among fellow students.
  • Everyone is an active participant.
  • Everyone is a leader!
  • Accountability teams will progress beyond simply affirming one another to more intentional relationships, with the freedom to speak into circumstances, to disagree, to provide input which is not simply from a good heart, but reflects the larger purposes of what God's doing in the individual.
  • The posture of SDU members is not passive or of a spectator, but is dynamic and engaging, sharing and receiving in both horizontal (mentorship, teaching, and leading) and vertical (peer to peer) interactions between members. 


1. Experiencing the Depths of Jesus – Jeanne Guyon 更深經歷耶穌基督 – 蓋恩夫人 Due Mar 20, 2022
2. Why I am still Surprised by the Power of the Spirit – Jack Deere Due Jun 20, 2022
3. 2000 years of Charismatic Christianity – Eddie Hyatt Due Oct 20, 2022


Membership Fee: $2,800. All HKSSM guidelines and codes of conduct apply equally to SDU.

The tuition does not include:
  • Mission trips that may occur during the school year.
  • Lecture Notes and recommended books.
  • Conferences and/or special seminars that may occur during the school year.

If a student withdraws from school within the first month of commencing and has paid membership fee in full, such student may receive a full refund of the paid membership fee , after which there will not be any refund for whatever reason that a student is withdrawn or terminated from school. If a student is dismissed or terminated for any reason during the school year, no refund of membership fee will be issued.


Prophetic Practicum
Creative Practicum
Session with John Thomas
Local Outreach to Aspire Church - December 17, 2021