Outreach Reports

Healing Revival Conference at ICA North Point (Apr 4, 2024)

Year 1, 2023

Outreach to His Sanctuary of Glory, Kuala Lumpur

On Aug 3, 2023, a team of 42 from HKSSM set out for an outreach to His Sanctuary of Glory (HSG) in Kuala Lumpur. The team consists of HKSSM Year 1 students representing 17 churches, 9 nations from Hong Kong, Singapore, Sri Lanka, Germany, Australia, the United States, and more. The team's remarkable unity was evident as they operated under the anointing of God, actively advancing His Kingdom through prophetic words, healing, words of knowledge, testimonies, and prophetic paintings. As the scripture says in 1 Cor 4:20, the Kingdom of God is not a matter of talk but of power.
On Friday evening, we were invited to minister to combined cell groups of HSG. We sent 7 teams of students who passionately shared their personal testimonies, prophesied and released healing to all who came. The impact was profound as many individuals witnessed miracles, such as instant pain relief, the lame began to walk, shrinking and disappearing of lumps, uneven legs leveled, and more! The students also shared accounts of how the Holy Spirit gave them precise prophetic words that deeply ministered to the heart of the recipients. It was truly a demonstration of the power and goodness of our Lord Jesus Christ. The following day, we continued to minister to the HSG Youths, HSG Leaders and Worship Team. We dedicated more time for the release of prophetic words and impartation of father and mother blessings to the attendees. Many were moved to tears, leading to forgiveness, reconciliation and healing in their families.
The highlight of the outreach was the HSG Combined Sunday service. Principal Pastor Lindy delivered a powerful message on how we are all called to follow in the footstep of Jesus and advance the Kingdom with power. During the ministry time, the response from the congregation was immediate: we saw a huge hunger for God as people eagerly raise their hands in response to the call, queuing up for healing and prophetic ministry. The waiting lines extended for over 1.5 hours! Testimony poured in as the attendees shared their reports of instant healing, and the prophetic words released were spot on, bringing glory to God and affirming His presence and goodness in us.
As Zechariah 4:6 reminds us, it's not by might, nor by power, but by my Spirit, says the Lord of hosts. With this verse in mind, we conclude the outreach a time of thanksgiving, acknowledging it is all because of Him that we were able to witness His goodness. God has been faithful time and time, and this is only the beginning!
KY Wong – from Houston USA
Very much blessed by the opportunity to put into practice everything that we have learnt at HKSSM. We had fun which made the mission trip a wonderful experience! The unity, camaraderie, passion, transparency (vulnerability), compassion & love for one another and obedience & submission as well as joy were evident. Everyone experienced God – I am humbled and thankful how God worked through each of us. The Sunday Service was an example of an Acts-type church service! There is a growing confidence in God – that we can do all things through Christ who strengthens us (Phi 4:13) by living intimately with Him (John 15:5). 

SDU, 2023

Outreach to Pentecostal Holiness Church Hong Kong - July 1, Healing Conference

ICA Chai Wan Easter Bazaar (April 1 & 2)

Close to 100 SDU signed up to serve at Healing and Prophetic Booths at the Easter Bazaar.  The presence of the Holy Spirit saturated the whole atmosphere and we ministered freely under His anointing.  It was naturally supernatural. 
At the Healing Booth, healings were breaking out one after another.  The blind see, the deaf hear and the lame walk by the power of the Holy Spirit.  Praise reports are piling up and still coming in! 
Grace So, SDU, her mother had macular degeneration, almost blind in her left eye for over ten years.  She came in with very poor vision and after prayer and testing, she was able to read and repeat letters on the poster from more than 2 meters away, which she couldn't do before. 
Many walked in with all kinds of body pains and walked out joyfully pain free!  Arm pain, stomach pain, back pain, knee pain, ankle pain, neck and shoulder pain, all disappeared at the Name of Jesus.  Gina had level 9 back and knee pain, it was so severe that she couldn't even stand up straight to walk the stairs.  After prayer, all the pain was gone and she could freely walk up and down the staircase, to her amazement. 
The Holy Spirit gave the ministry team a word of knowledge on healing uneven legs and soon after the miracles followed!  One of them was Cindy.  Cindy's left foot was obviously shorter than her right by a few centimeters and her arms were misaligned.  We prayed for body alignment and her uneven arms and legs levelled out.  Not only was she able to walk without wobbling and slanting, the spasms on her arms and legs stopped.  Even better, Cindy gave her life to Jesus on the spot.   
At the Prophetic Booth, people kept flowing in to receive a word from the Father's heart.  There were so many heart-warming testimonies of how God spoke a personal and timely word to connect with them.  There were many happy tears.   
Another SDU, Edwina, her mother was so touched by the love of God through the prophetic ministry that she told her daughter, I want to go to church!  Fiona's dad was encouraged and affirmed by the prophetic words saying: how do these people know so much about me!? 
Kimico encountered the love of God through three prophetic pictures to affirm her gifts and identity.  Right away, she expressed her worship to the Lord by writing a letter of praise and thanksgiving. 
A stall holder was amazed at the prophetic message released over her son, the word really encouraged him and it was exactly what he needed.  When asked if her stall was selling well, she said never mind about the profit, it doesn't matter, I'm just overjoyed to encounter God right here! 

SDU, 2022

Christmas Outreach

Outreach to Aspire Church, 2022

Outreach to U-Fire, 2022

Outreach to ICA Youth Ministry River, 2022

SDU, 2021

Local Outreach to Aspire Church - December 17, 2021

Year 1, 2021

ICA Indonesian Church — August 1, 2021

SDU, 2019 Special Duty Unit Strikes Again!

Kingdom Activation at ICA Chai Wan Bi-Lingual Service — October 13, 2019

Kingdom Activation at ICA Cantonese Service — May 26, 2019

Local Outreach to ICA Chai Wan English Service — March 3, 2019

Kingdom Activation to ICA Indonesian Congregation — March 24 & 31, 2019

ICA Cantonese Congregation - Hong Kong — December 21, 2018

61 members of the ICA Cantonese Congregation gathered on the Friday night before Christmas to participate in God's Destiny Outreach, with special ministry sessions led by SDUs. After a time of worship and prayer, SDUs shared their testimonies of supernatural encounters and encouraged the group by releasing words of knowledge for healing, followed by ministry time for the sick. We saw instant healing take place right then and there as faith was ignited and hearts were stirred by the powerful testimonies shared. We can see the hunger in the place when it was time to break up into groups to exercise the newly taught prophetic gifting. It was a powerful time of sharing as one after another, the congregation members recounted what God had done just within the two hours with the SDUs (of ministry). The feedback was so positive that another outreach for the ICA Cantonese Congregation is requested to be held again in the near future. Below are encouraging testimonies from participants of that night:

“Before coming to the meeting I had two questions in mind and hoped that God would answer me through the HKSSM students. During ministry time I asked God if it really was my calling to become a pastor. The first SDU that prayed for me said he saw that I was a mother, cooking many wonderful food for people and having many spiritual children. The other SDU said that I could ask God directly, and I would find my answers. I thank God for answering me, affirming and encouraging me through SDU prayers.”

“I thank God that I had the chance to come to this “Enter into Destiny” meeting. Because of a fall 6 months ago my big toe had been really painful ever since. After a sister prayed for me at the meeting, I went home and I tested on my toe by turning and twisting it, to my surprise the pain was completely gone. Praise God, hallelujah!” “Whenever I have cold or flu, my right shoulder & neck would have pain that extends to the right side of my head. This pain started again 2 days ago. After the SDU sister prayed for me at the meeting, the pain was gone. Stiff lower back was one of the words of knowledge that night, as I received prayers for that problem, I could bend my back with my hands touching the floor, which I could never do before.” “The African brother prayed and said that I was a bridge and I would bring peace to other people. I was shocked because this was the same prophecy I got from a Malaysian pastor 2 years ago. The pastor said my life was like a bridge, bringing people to Jesus. God was affirming my life goal through this brother, be the bridge between God and people, bring them to Jesus who gives true peace. Thank God!” “Thanks God for His love! I attended the “Enter into Destiny” meeting last night and thankful that after the prayer team prayed for my back pain, I could now bend my back all the way to touch the floor with my hands, which I could never do before. Thank you, Jesus, glory to God!” “During the Father's letter session, I saw a vision from God which was rare for me, and it reflected my condition at that time! During prophetic prayers, a SDU sister said I had mother's hands and I liked to give love out to people. It's true, but recently I felt distant from God, so I lost that love for people. The sister reminded me to draw close to God. she also saw a treasure box and said if I didn't open it, I wouldn't be able to get the roses inside. Strangely I bought roses a lot recently, so I had a special feeling. During the healing prayers, the sister laid hand on my neck where the pain was, my neck was pain free after that. Thank God for all the good gifts tonight!” “I thank my group leader for encouraging me to come to this meeting. I was so touched that the SDU sister spoke out the secret that only I knew. She said that God gave me a key to open this locker, for He wanted me to clear this secret, which has been hard for me to deal with. But the sister said I needed to empty myself in order to receive God's treasure for me. Only rely on God then I could get these treasures. It's my birthday tomorrow & this is the best birthday present from God. Tonight was amazing, I felt renewed! I had thankful tears as I shared, thanks so much for the SDU ministry!” “The first sentence that came out of the SDU sister was to toss away the past, because I was now already a beautiful butterfly. I was so touched by this because when I wrote the Father's letter, I saw myself in a dark room but a light came in. The sister also said God gave me a pair of ballet shoes and I was holding His hands dancing together. This matched my recent desire that God would hold my hands & hold me in His arms. As the sister said Jesus was holding my hands, tears came down because this is very personal and God answered me!” “During prophetic prayer, the sister was spot on about my great cooking skills and I was an optimistic person. I was shocked that she called out my cooking skills which I have forgotten myself. I am a new believer and I have a severe sickness, through this experience I truly feel that God is real, and this strengthens my faith to trust in Him!”

Local Outreach to ICA Rock Ministry — June 9, 2019

Year 1, 2019

Outreach to Grace Assembly, Kuala Lumpur — August 3-7, 2017

SDU, 2018

ASPIRE Church Hong Kong — October 19, 2018

On this Friday night, over 40 young professionals gathered as they do every week at their church. But this was a long-awaited gathering, with a team of SDUs sent out to minister to these young leaders in the marketplace. As the group interacted, our SDUs find these young people full of passion for Jesus! What an inspiration! The SDUs ministered to them with prophetic words and activated the congregation's spiritual gifting to inspire a supernatural lifestyle. We received such positive feedback after the outreach that five members from Aspire applied to HKSSM subsequently, and were successfully accepted into the School as students! This outreach encouraged all the SDUs who participated as we continue to bring God's Kingdom on earth as it is in heaven.

Year 2 & SDU, 2018

IRIS-Footprints, Johannesburg — July 8-18, 2018

On July 8, 2018 a team of 20 HKSSM representing eight churches in Hong Kong arrived at IRIS-Footprints in Johannesburg, South Africa, eager and ready to just love on the precious people in this community, and to put into use what we've learned from HKSSM. Over the 11 days that the team stayed at IRIS-Footprints, a home for abandoned and abused children, God allowed us to build relationships of love, intimacy and trust with the residents, and to serve, support and pray for them in any way they needed. We got involved with street outreaches and hospital visits within the local community. It was a privilege to release the joy and Presence of God as we prayed for the sick and depressed, and prophesied over them. God's manifest delight was truly in the smiles of the people as we fed the neighborhood children in the poverty stricken slums, distributed blankets and clothes to the poor, prayed for Tuberculosis patients at local hospitals, and played soccer with the kids. The team enthusiastically painted new cabins at IRIS-Footprints, and spent quality time with the children doing arts and crafts, and fun activities with them. Through it all, we were so blessed by the love from our hosts and all the children. God ministered powerfully, healing and doing a deep work in each of the 20 of us. The team truly carried the HKSSM DNA, as our hosts at Footprints were very thankful for the way we exhibited servant's hearts in everything we did, and the tremendous unity we displayed. Praise God for bringing us to this special place in Johannesburg to be the hands and feet of Jesus!

Year 3, 2017

Healing Conference at Hong Kong Pentecostal Holiness Church

Year 1, 2017

GRACE ASSEMBLY Kuala Lumpur — August 3-7, 2017

Year 1, 2015

GRACE ASSEMBLY Kuala Lumpur — August 6-10, 2015

On August 6 a team of 31 from HKSSM set out for an outreach to Grace Assembly in Kuala Lumpur. They are HKSSM Year 1 students representing thirteen churches in Hong Kong. Throughout the trip, the team had a tremendous unity, a beautiful love for each other and a passion to serve God and His church through prophetic insight, words of knowledge, healings and miracles.

The first evening we were invited to a few large cell groups where sick people were brought in for healing. Every single HKSSM student stepped out in faith to prophesy and heal the sick – it was a life-changing time for them seeing many healed and encouraged by the name of Jesus. The next day we had a very special ministry time with the youths and their leaders. The theme was “Living a present-future life” with a focus on healing of the father and mother wounds. God did a very deep work in every person there including our own students. HKSSM students did a great work prophesying over the youths and leaders.

The highlight of the outreach was the Signs and Wonders Conference that we held where 600-700 people attended. Our Principal, Pastor Lindy gave a message on “Living Naturally Supernatural” followed by a powerful time of ministry to the sick. The altar area was flooded with people needing God's healing touch and we didn't finish until after 11pm! Words of knowledge on sicknesses and ailments that we released to the crowd turned out to be accurate and many got healed and came forward to share testimonies, so many that we lost count!

This outreach was an eye-opener for many students because although they had only five months of training (less than half of the school curriculum), yet they were actively and confidently releasing prophetic insight, words of knowledge, and witnessing signs and wonders and miracles by the name of Jesus. Mark 16:17-18 “and these signs shall follow them who believe… they will lay hands on the sick and they will recover.” NKJV

Deborah Chung

Deborah ChungStepping out in faith into the first outreach in my life to Malaysia, my heart was completely opened like a blank sheet of canvas, waiting excitedly to be splashed with the Father's heavenly colours.

Even though I had some experience in healing prayers before the trip, it was always on my friends. Hence I was not sure if it was out of kindness that they said the prayers worked. The first healing prayer I prayed in this outreach became real to me. I was completely shocked when the old lady bended her knees like a healthy 20-year-old right in front of me, which she could not at all just a minute ago. It took me ten seconds to realize that heaven was indeed on earth!

During our minister time at cell groups and at the Healing Conferences, we prayed for many in the name of Jesus and many got healed. God was very lenient to me as a healing newbie to have allocated 'patients' who had problems which healing could be visibly seen, e.g. joints or spinal pain. He also encouraged me by bringing 'patients' with the same illnesses I myself had received before the conference, just to tell me that I got it right. This really boosted my faith to a level that is unshakable.

God also taught me that language is not a barrier in healing prayers. I had to pray for a boy whose mother tongue and only language was mandarin. I prayed in English and he got healed!

This outreach has put me on a spiritual fire. The excitement He has given me attracted my colleagues and friends to ask for healing. I prayed for them in Jesus name and their healing testimonies have the rippling effect of blessing others around them. I have learned so much in this outreach, not only in healing and the use of prophetic gift but also the Father's character. I am no longer controlled by what I see but I live by what I know to be true about Him.

Edwin Wong

Edwin WongOur team was invited to minister to a cell group where over 30 people were gathered and the sick ones were brought in for prayer. In my morning worship, I got a word of knowledge about healing someone with a right elbow pain, but I was hesitant about calling out the word of knowledge. As I began to prophesy over the people there, I felt the prompting from the Holy Spirit to step out in faith. I started asking around looking for the person with pain in the right elbow. They all said they were fine so I just blessed them instead. Later in the evening, the owner of the house came to me and told me that her mother had pain in her right elbow. I then proceeded to minister to this elderly lady in her wheelchair. She had a level 4-5 pain around her right elbow. As she was quite thin, I noticed a small lump on her elbow as well. After a few prayers, the pain went down to level 1 and the small lump was hardly noticeable. She was very pleased with the result but I told her Jesus' healing was always complete and I insisted on praying more. Finally, after a few short prayers, the pain was totally gone!

At the Saturday Night Signs and Wonders Conference a man approached me and asked for prayer. His fingers were all folded up and he explained to me that he had spasm in his hand and feet which caused discomfort. I spoke Jesus' goodness into him and he was able to straighten his fingers. I told him that I sensed there was something in his life that he needed to let go. He gave me a weird smile and acknowledged that he knew what I was referring to. I told him that it was not coming from me as I did not know him at all, and that it was from the prompting of the Holy Spirit. He then confided in me that he used to breed spirits and they would dwell in his body. Although he had turned to Christ a year ago and got baptized, what had been troubling him was that the spirits remained in his mom's house (I guess he used to live with his mom) and his mom kept asking him to turn back to the spirits. I told him that he knew very well what the right decision was and I prayed for him and his family in the end.

Henry Cheung

Henry CheungGod was moving powerfully at the Signs and Wonders Conference we held at Grace Assembly, KL! I would like to share a few testimonies.

A big guy from Papua New Guinea came to the altar for prayer. He had high blood pressure and degeneration of the lower back bone, which gave him a level 6 pain on his lower back in the last 2, 3 years. When he tried to bend his body forward, he could barely reach his knees and it was painful. After the first two prayers he didn't feel any improvement, and he showed no expression on his face whatsoever. I felt discouraged. Then God gave me a vision of myself praying and moving my body happily like one of our HKSSM classmates. I followed the vision and asked the gentleman if I could pray for him again. After the third prayer, the pain went down from level 6 to level 4, and he started to smile! As I continued to pray, the pain finally went down to 0. Hallelujah! He was bending and reaching down to his knees easily and without any pain! He clapped his hands and gave us a great smile!

Siu-Pui told me she had dislocated L4 and L5 on her lower back that caused her pain for eight months. The dislocated discs pressing on her nerves made her right thigh numb. We prayed twice, she felt tingling in her lower back. With another prayer, the tingling stopped and the pain dropped from level 4 to zero! Hallelujah! As we prayed, the numbness was shifting from the right thigh to her toe, then to her knees. I commanded the spirit of affliction to leave her in Jesus' name; she then felt tingling on the whole right leg and then all numbness disappeared. She danced and praised the Lord!

A photographer called Gin-Rong asked for healing of pain on his right shoulder which had been there 4 to 6 months. He could not raise that arm above his ear. After prayers, the pain dropped from level 4, to 2, to 1 and finally zero! And now he could lift his arm freely! Thank you Jesus!

The first night we arrived in Malaysia my roommates warned us that he snored loudly at night. We prayed for his respiratory system. Every night in Malaysia, there was zero snoring and we all slept like babies! Hallelujah! What a wonderful trip!

JoAnne Mak

JoAnne MakThis was such an amazing trip! I saw and heard healing miracles happening left and right every day, how exciting!!

Instant healing – A lady told me about her chronic colon inflammation and kidney problem and we prayed for her, but at the time there was no way to find out if she got healed. I then asked if she had pain in her body so that we could pray and testify the healing. She then remembered her right elbow had previously been broken and although it had healed, she felt no strength in her entire right arm, thus causing a sore right shoulder. I said a simple prayer, and she felt blood flowing through her entire right arm and was strengthened instantly, praise God!! So I encouraged her to believe that God's healing was already present and that she could claim it on her colon and kidney every day.

Inner healing – A lady said she had had breathing difficulty for a few months. When I prayed, I sensed it was not the physical, but it was her soul. I asked a few questions, I prayed a few simple prayers and her burdens were lifted off! Her breathing difficulty was a level 7 or 8 and after prayers, it was 0! Our God is good!

Salvation – A man came forward because of the words of knowledge for healing we called out. He had three conditions from the list: shortness of breath, high blood pressure and a stomach ulcer. We prayed but could not testify since he didn't have any pain or discomfort at the time. I told him Jesus was the great doctor. When I mentioned Jesus, he was so touched and he could not understand why tears came down uncontrollably. Afterwards, he told me he had been coming to church for two months but had been afraid to meet anyone and had not yet asked Jesus into his life. I led him to Christ and asked a brother in the church to talk to him. I love it when people get emotional when they hear the name of Jesus!

Joe Leung

Joe LeungScripture tells us that blessed are those who have not seen and yet have believed. But there is also a special breakthrough when you personally witness the raw power of God, how real and how awesome He really is. We were jumping up and down and praising Jesus as we witnessed miracles happening right in front of us!

“My ears had heard of you but now my eyes have seen you.” Job 42:5.

Our team was invited to minister to a cell group, to prophesy and to heal the sick. God highlighted a gentleman to me whom I later found out was a treasure diver. The Spirit prompted me to ask if there was anything wrong with his arm. It turned out that for several years he could not lift up his left arm, and it was a level 10 severe pain when he tried to move that arm. I began releasing healing on his arm. Then I asked if he was feeling any better. He tested his arm, looked at me and said “No change”. I was a little surprised and then I released healing to the arm for the second time. Again, there wasn't any noticeable difference. Then the Spirit reminded me that I was not doing this for myself, for our Father treasures the process of us stepping out in faith, more than seeing the result at the end. So I told myself, “Alright, I'm willing to make myself a fool and bring glory to You.” And I stepped out in faith and told the gentleman, “Let's do this one last time!” As I was praying, the gentleman started raising his arm, moved it in circles and told me that he could lift up his arm with no pain anymore! My fellow student Pradeep joined me and asked the gentleman if he had any problem with the nose as well. He said yes and that he just visited the doctor 3 days ago! We prayed for the nose condition and he was completely healed!

However, I was not convinced that his arm was totally healed. The next evening this same gentleman turned up at our pre-service worship time, just before the Signs and Wonders Conference. As we were worshipping in tongues we saw him raising his left arm moving in circle movements and excitedly he announced that he had just regained full mobility and there was zero pain! He was truly completely healed!

God is so amazing and the word of knowledge was so spot on that it totally transformed how I see myself, and I had a breakthrough in expectation to see God's supernatural grace in the natural world.

Olivia Kwong

Olivia KwongI am thrilled that I joined this outreach to Malaysia, which was my very first time. Things that I saw were eye opening, as I witnessed the work of our Mighty Lord just as the same as His work in Acts.

Numbness and pain healed – With just a simple prayer, a woman was instantaneously healed of numbness in the left hand and arm, as well as pain on the shoulder!

Short-sightedness healed – Me and two fellow students took turn to pray for this girl. We made her stand in front of a poster and had her take off her glasses. As we prayed and checked, it was a miracle that she could progressively read from big letters to small letters. Then finally she could read most of letters. What a great work of God!

S-shape spine straightened – As we released God's goodness on the S-shape spine of this girl, in our astonishment, the spine was much straightened, and her left and right shoulders became balanced. Then we asked the girl's mother to confirm the healing. It was amazing.

I think God is great! Who are we that we can co-work with God in His presence! For me, it seemed as if I had been in a dream with God. However, the dream is real and true!!!

Philip Hawken

Philip HawkenBefore this mission trip, I had been serving as Pastor Lindy's PA at the Healing Rooms and HKSSM for just over one month. I had faith that God would heal people, but during the Signs and Wonders Conference in particular I was blown away at how God was moving by his loving Holy Spirit.

Go gave me two words before I went on the mission trip to KL. Firstly, the Lord would give me a new level of joy in my spirit. Honestly, I was skeptical about this. The second word was that I had been praying and asking God for some time that I would be more intimate with Him. I was told that this would indeed happen. Honestly, again I was a bit skeptical, not because of doubting God, but doubting in myself.

Once in Malaysia though, God really took over. The Holy Spirit was moving through me in the deepest and most profound way I have ever experienced in my life. I was jumping up and down and my spirit was so excited witnessing first-hand the miracles of God. I am still processing all that God has done, and am very grateful to have had the privilege of joining such a fantastic team who shared God's heart on healing through action, through the laying on of hands with faith. Here are some of the healing testimonies at the outreach:

Ministry at Cell Groups
• The first person we prayed for was a lady who had a bad migraine. This migraine would come regularly and brought sharp pain to her forehead area. After two prayers, the migraine totally disappeared!
• We prayed for a middle aged lady who had pain in her right hand. Her right thumb was troubling her from overwork in a factory. We declared in the name of Jesus healing in her hand and thumb. The lady said she immediately felt relief.
• A young Nepali man had pain on the side of his abdomen. I was given a word of knowledge by the Lord that the man had a left kidney problem, and he confirmed that this was his condition. In addition to the pain in his left kidney area, he also had a milder pain in his right kidney area. We prayed in faith and he told us the pain was gradually reducing. I also had a prophetic word for him – he had only been a believer for a few months. I told him that I saw him walking from village to village carrying a Bible preaching the Gospel and seeing people healed! I saw him as an evangelist.

Signs and Wonders Conference – Before the conference began, we were having a powerful time of prayer, speaking in tongues and worshipping God. During this time, we downloaded many words of knowledge for healing from the Holy Spirit. I received word of knowledge for blindness in left eye, headache, left leg pain, etc.
• An old man came forward for prayer. He was totally blind in his right eye and some sight in his left eye. After our first prayer, no change. After second prayer, no change. After third prayer, he said he could see white and my hand. Jesus had begun the healing! By now I was jumping up and down! I declared the colours of heaven into his eyes! I also told him he was a watchman on the walls and as God healed both of his eyes he would have a new spiritual foresight (eagle eye distance) for enemy dangers approaching. After this, I prayed for his ears; he was nearly deaf in both ears. Both of the man's ears were totally healed (no ear-aid needed; he took it out)!!! Hallelujah to the King!
• A man came forward for prayer who had been suffering from blurry vision for some time. After two prayers, he was 'slain in the spirit' and after getting up he told us his blurry vision was 80% healed. We prayed two more times and he was completely healed! I was so excited! Glory to God! The pastor confirmed that the man was completely healed and had crystal clear vision!
• A lady we prayed for had very stiff knees and she could hardly bend them. Her knees were causing her a lot of trouble and pain. We prayed once and she was feeling more than 50% better. We prayed a second time and she could bend both knees and there was no pain. She testified on microphone that when she came, she could not bend her knees without considerable pain!
• We prayed for a middle-aged lady who had a bad migraine. When we started praying for her she was shaking a lot. This lady began to tell me the pain was decreasing. Twice I asked her if there was less pain and she said yes! The Holy Spirit was doing a deep work in her. After the third prayer, she was totally healed by the love and power of the Holy Spirit!
• At the end, I joined three other members in praying for a little four year old girl who had a bad short-sighted problem. They had already been praying for some time. After two or three prayers, there was no improvement. Then, I said we'll pray one more time. This time, the girl could read the small print 10 feet away! We prayed again and she could read more, she could read full words, letter for letter correctly! Glory to God for his healing touch!

My Spirit had become alive! Glory to Jesus! In that moment, all the years of frustration fell away. I felt free; no, I was free. I was freely serving the Lord and seeing miracles that I had only seen on T.V., read in books, read in the Bible or even heard about. My passion, my dream for the miraculous had been resurrected, just as my life was last November. This was a very big step for me and I have been reassured that the hand of God is upon my life.

Glory to King Jesus for each of these healings both immediate and in progress! Thrilled to serve Him!

Sharon Lee

Sharon LeeIt has been such a blessing and honour to go on this mission trip. I gained new experiences and insights in the field of healing and the prophetic. The first session was one of the most memorable events in this trip. Pastor and prophet Pillai blessed our team with a message and prophesied over half of us. I could feel God's love and grace so strong when Pastor Pillai was prophesying over some of the classmates. This helped me understand: “Now I want you all to speak in tongues, but even more to prophesy.” (1 Corinthians 14:5).

Feeling refreshed and empowered after this first session, we were ready to minister to the cell groups. We were invited to give prophetic words over whoever we had words for. Later on, we released word of knowledge on healing. As people stood up in response, I could feel all of our faith increasing.

Several miracles took place:
1. A man who had should pain and nose blockage was healed.
2. A lady with back pain was totally healed!
3. The host was healed emotionally as well as headache and eye sight; her eyes were blurry but now completely clear!
4. A lady with back pain from a car accident was completely healed, bending all the way down to the floor which she could have never done before! And her mother was the elderly lady I prophesied over who told me it was the first time she came back to cell group in 2 years! I was so happy that she could witness her daughter's healing. Praise the Lord!

The next day, we conducted a youth service and shared about the father's and mother's love. It was very touching and many scars were healed. This session I had the chance to give prophetic words over the youths. At first, I was a bit nervous to be calling out prophetic words, but as I crossed the chicken line, asking “Lord! What do you want to say to your children?” words after words, images after images came in!

After this session, I could feel a real breakthrough in this area! Praise the Lord.

On Saturday night, we held a Signs and Wonders Conference and a lot of healing and miracles happened:
1. The first man that came to me had a numb left leg which had caused him pain for two months when standing up. His legs were shaking when he stood in front of me. After praying for him the first time, his said he was feeling much better, but still painful. So I prayed again and he was fully healed! The funny thing is, I didn't expect full healing yet, so I asked him how painful it was now, and he confirmed three times that he was completely healed.
2. There were three boys which came to me. Two boys had sinus problems and both got healed almost immediately. The third boy had phobia of being in a crowd with lots of people. After praying and some prophetic words, he left happily.
3. I saw a little kid (around 4 years old) climbing and crawling around and I chased him back and forth a few times. Finally he told me he had a blocked nose. A church leader told me that the boy had a sinus problem. After praying for him two times, he got completely healed! Praise the Lord!
4. A girl around 12 years old with back pain was completely healed!

Throughout the healing sessions, I see the importance of working as a united team. Sometimes, the healing came when we helped each other out. God is happy to see His children so united and gave us different gifts and insights for working together.

I really enjoyed the worship sessions that we had together as a team, the unity and love among us. I am so happy that we are from thirteen different churches working as one! When I came back to HK, I did not feel as afraid to pray for the sick and am hungry to continue living a supernatural lifestyle and growing in intimacy with our Lord.

Year 2, 2014 — Graduate Leadership Program

Shenzhen - November 2014

Year 1, 2013

Kuala Lumpur — August 2013

In August, 2013, HKSSM Year 1, 2013 students went for a mission trip to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia to put into practice what they learned in the past six months. Our hosting church was Grace Assembly in Klang and PJ. Our team consisted of thirty three students from eleven churches in the city of Hong Kong. And it was the very first mission trip ever for 16 of our students. The HKSSM team conducted a Supernatural Lifestyle Conference and preached in the English, Mandarin, Cantonese and Youth services.
In August, 2013, 

HKSSM Year 1, 2013 students went for a mission trip to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia to put into practice what they learned in the past six months. Our hosting church was Grace Assembly in Klang and PJ. Our team consisted of thirty three students from eleven churches in the city of Hong Kong. And it was the very first mission trip ever for 16 of our students. The HKSSM team conducted a Supernatural Lifestyle Conference and preached in the English, Mandarin, Cantonese and Youth services.

These testimonies show the impact of the School on our students, of how, being royal princes and princesses of God, we are anointed in the gifts of the words of knowledge and prophetic insights; and when we operate these gifts in confidence, we bring God's Kingdom to the people around us, revealing God's will to heal and deliver, and to call out the original plan that God has designed for each of their lives. After regaining our identity, we live a naturally supernatural lifestyle because we are sons and daughters of a supernatural God who is compassionate and loving towards mankind, as Jesus taught in the Lord's prayer – ' May Your Kingdom come, may Your will be done on earth as it is in Heaven'.



Healing – a thyroid lump disappeared

My profession is marketing so I know well the power of brand. Since college I gave myself the nickname “Super T”, short for supertina. But deep inside, I was very insecure about who I was; I simply lacked confidence and remained fearful about my destiny despite the powerful words that had been spoken over my life.HKSSM-Tina-9

It was God's timing for me to become a student of HKSSM. My mind has been renewed and identity restored. I now operate in a kingdom mindset, and I'm really excited about my future and feel empowered to walk as a beloved daughter of God, a princess and co-laborer of Christ in releasing His Kingdom on earth. I feel super!

I crossed the chicken line and stepped into my naturally supernatural kingdom lifestyle during the School's recent mission trip to Malaysia. I prayed for a lady with a lump in her thyroid that disappeared after two short prayers! She had this lump for years but left it untreated because it was painless. I placed my two fingers on the lump and simply released God's goodness over her. I felt the lump disappearing right in the middle of the prayer. The sensation was like “sinking sand” where it was just miraculously sucked in! She said she felt it too and we were both shocked. So I said a second prayer to make sure the healing was complete. I then compared both sides and felt there was no more lump. She too said it was gone. She jumped up and down to praise God while laughing out loud literally. It was such a joyous moment!

Prophetic words – a child in a polka dot dress

After I joined HKSSM and now after this mission trip, I knew my life would never be the same anymore. I crossed many chicken lines especially having to minister to strangers with words of prophecy.

A little girl wearing a pretty polka dots dress caught my eye during the service. I felt the Lord had a word for her, that God had given her the special anointing for art. I was looking for her after the service, only to find her leaving with her mother and elder sister. I hesitated and became uncertain about giving her the word. Then this negative thought was quickly replaced by the thought that if they paused from exiting the sanctuary, then I would take that as a sign to share the word with her. To my amazement, as soon as that thought completed in my mind, there the family of three paused and the mom turned around and caught my eyes. I approached them and told the girl in the polka dot dress about God giving her the special anointing for art. To my encouragement, it turned out to be a confirmation of the same prophecy given to her by another person who was a pastor, Pastor Lau.


Healing – knee pain of a doctor

HKSSM Louisa 42I'm so glad I joined the mission trip. HKSSM and the team would not be the same without it! As we put everything we learned in the past six months into practice, it is like making the past six months real! What struck me the most was that there was no striving at all, but just resting in God's goodness. I truly experienced what it was like operating with a Kingdom mindset. The impact of doing so in a corporate manner is truly powerful!!

I prayed for a young doctor who had an operation two years ago on his right knee because of damaged ligaments. He could not bend his right leg without feeling pain (4 on a scale of 10). Also, he did not have much strength and there was a certain position he could not do. After prayer the pain was completely gone and he could now post the gesture he could not before. I bumped into him again at dinner in a restaurant that evening, he told me the pain was gone and he even played football that afternoon!

I also prayed for an old lady who broke her arm that was still set in cast. The pain was instantly gone after prayers!

Gold dust

I felt such strong presence of God at the altar as we worshipped. Gold dust was all over my palms, hands and arms!

God turned up

I was so frightened when asked to pick a person from the congregation to prophesy over, in front of so many people! However, when I crossed the chicken line by opening my mouth to speak forth, words started to come!

Jun Aibara (Yumiko's husband)

When our Principal Lindy invited people who needed healing to come forward, so many came to the front and queued up for prayer that I cannot remember how many I got to pray for. I saw that every HKSSM student was busily ministering and healing the sick, it was an amazing sight. Since there had been many exercises at HKSSM back in Hong Kong, I did not hestitate to release healing to everyone. There were various needs but the Holy Spirit did lead me excellently in the receiving of the word of knowledge.

Healing – eyesight regained

A young guy asked for prayer for a severe eyesight problem affecting his right eye. He could not see almost anything. I released the presence of God and declared a download of a new eyeball from Heaven to him. After praying two times, I examined him and he started to see something. I asked my fellow student, Fight, to join me in prayer. Later this man could count the number of Fight's fingers correctly. And finally, with more prayers, the eyesight in his right eye was restored!

Healing – David with left foot numbness

David was a member of the church's youth group and he helped video shooting at the conference. He told me there was numbness in his left foot. I sensed the problem came from the nervous system from the left side of his head. I asked him if he had any problem in the head or any headache. He said actually he suffered from migraine. I released God's goodness into the left side of his head. After the prayer, he said the numbness in his left foot was gone instantly. I then prophesied over him that he was going to compose heavenly music in the future. I told him to download music from heaven as it was written in heaven. He was amazed and looked happy.

Healing – left hand grip

A boy injured his left arm in an accident and the doctor removed one of the bones from his arm. Since then he could not make a hand grip because the muscles were weak, and his left arm function and movements were limited. We prayed and declared a creative miracle. Though we could not witness a bone growing back, the boy felt the grip was strengthened. I felt the strong presence of God while I was praying. At the end of the prayer, his left arm function had almost fully recovered.

Yumiko (Jun's wife)

This mission trip was really amazing!

I was very sure that I would be participating in this mission trip even before the school started, but I wasn't sure how this trip would turn out. Now I can say it was really amazing! God's miracles and wonders were everywhere. In all the services that we attended, God's presence was there.

On the second day of the trip after the Mandarin service, one lady came forward to be prayed for. When fellow HKSSM student Stephanie and I prayed for her, the power of the Holy Spirit came very strongly over her and she went down. As the day went on, God's anointing got stronger and I was amazed that so many people came forward for healing prayers.

Crossing the chicken line

On Sunday at the English service which was the last day of the trip, there were many people coming to the front and I had no time to fear. I boldly prayed for healing for these people and released God's goodness to every one of them, also speaking forth joy and peace into their lives.

I saw a young woman came out for prayer. She was standing in a distance from me, as I am a Japanese myself, my ears were particularly alert to the Japanese language that she was speaking to my husband (Jun) at that moment. Therefore, I went over to her and started talking to her. She is a Japanese woman who came to visit Grace Assembly for the first time. I told her about the Good News and she accepted Jesus! Hallelujah!! Indeed it was God's divine appointment for us to meet there in that church in Klang, Malaysia. It was a confirmation from God that we are to bring the good news to the Japanese people.


Healing – Lady suffering from depression

At the end of our first service in Malaysia, a young boy about 11 years of age approached me with his cellphone. He told me that his mother was at the other end of the line and wished for me to pray for her. His mother had depression and anxiety attacks for many months now since his father suddenly passed away last year. Apparently, she had tried to kill herself three times but with no success. I told this mother that Jesus wanted to heal her and that depression was not from God. I shared with her that I also had suffered depression a long time ago and how God healed me miraculously from it. I released God's goodness, healing presence, peace and joy into her life over the phone. I also told her whenever she felt very down; all the more she needed to worship and praise God – praising God even when you do not feel like it would be the best weapon against the enemy's attack. She said she felt better after my prayer.

Later that day, the same boy came up to me again. He said that when he went home after our prayer, his mother was on her feet cooking a meal for him. That was the first time in many months that the mother was able to cook, and it was the most delicious meal! The kid was so happy.

To our ultimate surprise, the mother showed up at our service the next morning with her son and her two other daughters. Three of us prayed for her and God showed up. The Holy Spirit came powerfully upon her and she went down on the floor totally soaked in His presence. At that very moment, I could not be more sure that our God wants to heal us and He is just waiting for us to go to Him.


Healing – lady with limping of her leg and hunched shoulders

An Indian woman came out for prayer after the Sunday morning service. She was limping on her left foot and had hunched shoulders. She was very stressed with family problems and life issues. I prayed for her and after the prayer her left leg was straightened out and there was no more limping. Her shoulders felt a lot better afterwards. We were both very joyful that God had healed her so we danced together and giving praises to God. Hallelujah!


Prophetic words – lady with life problems

HKSSM Charmaine 18This same Indian woman came over to me and asked for prayer for her 30 years old son who had schizophrenia. She said she was a single mother who had to take care of this son and his children. She was rejected by her clan because she became a Christian. She felt helpless and lonely. A prophetic insight came to me – I saw her trying very hard to climb up a tall rocky mountain to the top where there was a resting place. She felt very discouraged and hopeless because there were endless boulders to conquer. I asked God what He would do to deliver her. I could then see a basket alongside her, which God had specifically made for her, and attached to this basket was a pulley that could pull it up to the top. I told her she could get into this basket and let God carry her through her difficulties. After giving the prophetic insight, she was smiling and felt very comforted that God could deliver her.

Healing – lady with numbness and heel pain

At the English service, a young lady came out to ask for prayer over numbness on the right side of her body and pain on her right heel. She was very worried that it was from a stroke. After praying, the numbness instantly disappeared and pain on the heel was gone by 80%.

Healing – man with esophageal lump

A very thin and worry looking man came out for prayer with his wife. His wife told me that he had been unable to swallow solid foods for two months. They consulted the doctor a few days ago and were told there was a lump in his eating tube (esophagus). The final report was pending. When I was praying for healing, Father told me this man had bad habits in the past that damaged his health, but Father God had already forgiven him. When I told the man what Father God had revealed to me and when I asked him to repent, he was crying non-stop. Having repented and knowing that God had now forgiven him, the worry left his face. This was later confirmed by Pastor Philip's wife who told me he was a chain smoker and was unable to quit although knowing smoking was hazardous to his health. She praised the Lord that God revealed His heart of forgiveness to this man.

Healing – young lady with diabetes

A young lady in her 30's came to the altar for she was recently diagnosed of diabetes. When praying for her, I felt Father God told me she was very worried about being sick because she was the one doing all the chores and taking care of everyone at home. When I released these words to her she started to sob. Then I saw a picture that she was riding in a small boat in a rocky sea looking worried to her left and right and feeling helpless. There was a large hand in the sky hovering over her boat and was navigating the boat. The sea underneath that hand was calm in the midst of the storm. I told her the picture and she started to cry non-stop. I felt God wanted to reassure her that He was in control and He could calm her stress. She hugged me and told me that was her main worry and was amazed that God knew. She left feeling light and confident.

CharmaineHKSSM Charmaine 30

Prophetic words – young boy (2 parts – Charmaine and Amy)

Prior to the first service, Lindy asked eight of us to give prophetic words to the congregation after her sermon. I was so nervous because I had to pick a stranger and prophesy over him/her in front of everyone, and I had never done this before. So I prayed to God before the start of the service to give me the face of this particular person. A young Indian boy wearing a red tee with stars appeared in my prayer and he kept appearing inside my mind. After Lindy's sermon, the 8 of us were called to the altar. I was looking for this young Indian boy but there was only one in the whole congregation. He was sitting next to Pastor Philip and his wife, so I supposed he was Pastor Philip's son. He was wearing a green tee though. I asked him to stand and God gave me these words to him, 'You are going to grow in wisdom and in strength like Jesus, and will be liked by many people.' God was very specific; he wanted me to say to the boy that he was going to grow tall and strong physically. Later I was told that the particular young boy was worried about his height and when I said the word out everyone was surprised. Also later I asked his mother if he had a red tee with stars. She said yes but he was not wearing it that day.


HKSSM globeI was one of the eight students to prophesy in front of the congregation. Charmaine, my classmate, was the one before me and she picked Pastor Philip's son who was a young boy. He was also the person God wanted me to prophesy over, so after Charmaine finished, I asked this boy to stand up again. I saw the word 'soccer'. I felt God wanted him to serve the Lord by playing soccer. Later Pastor Philip and his wife told me that the same prophecy about his son playing soccer to serve God was given to them two years ago by another prophet.

Prophetic vision before the mission trip

I led the intercessor team for this mission trip. When I was interceding for Lindy in Hong Kong, I saw a vision of her with the word 'Grace' and a world globe. Louisa, my schoolmate kept a recorded of this vision for us. I then forgot about it and went on the trip.

On our last day in Malaysia, Lindy was preaching at Grace Assembly's English service. While Lindy was preaching on the stage, Louisa suddenly noticed a big transparent world globe was placed right in front of her, which was not there before. Also the word 'Grace' was on the podium next to the globe. This is incredible!

Judy – What touches us is how powerful we are in God when we come as ONE.

Prophetic insight (two parts – Judy and Audrey)

HKSSM Judy 2Judy

Whilst waiting for the first session of the Supernatural Lifestyle Conference to start, I ran into this young man who came to Grace Assembly in Klang for the first time. He came to seek God's answer to a question he had, and I told him I believed that God would answer him. At the end of the session, eight HKSSM students were called to the altar to prophesy over individuals from the audience. I prayed that this young man would be called upon, and indeed he was! Below is Audrey's account of the prophetic words released to this young man.


Prior to the first service in this mission trip, our Principal told me that I would be amongst the first eight students to prophesy over the congregation. I asked the Holy Spirit to show me whom God would like me to prophesy over. When we were all worshipping, I saw this young man in a bright green polo shirt sitting all alone on the left side of the sanctuary. I asked God 'Is he the one?' I kept asking because I was very new to this and I did not want to call out the wrong person. When we (the selected eight) were summoned to the altar, I could not find this young man where he was sitting. I then asked God to enable me to spot him again if he was the one. And I did – immediately! I told this young man that God wanted him to be encouraged; God was in control of his situation, and He had a plan to prosper him. God would guide in the midst of all the uncertainties; therefore, he had no need to sweat. The following day Our Principal, Lindy told me that this young man was a pastor from another church who came seeking directions from God. For a first-timer like myself, I was in awe that God guided me to pick the right person and to speak prophetically into his situation. God is good!


Healing – Visit Home for the sick

Five of us went to a Home for women. We prayed for a mother who broke her arm, and also her two grown up daughters, one with diabetes and the other, colon cancer. The pain left the mother's arm instantly and we believe she should be able to move it around if it were not in a cast. The daughter with diabetes rolled on the floor with Holy Spirit inspired laughter. The daughter with colon cancer felt the pain in her collar bone disappeared and her whole countenance changed. She started joking and laughing with us. The other women in the Home all joined in the laughter. Truly our God turned tears to laughter.

Irene (Simon's wife)

Healing – Depressed lady transformed

During the Saturday morning pre-service prayer, a HKSSM student announced that Heaven's storehouse for new organs was opened. I saw a golden kidney floated to me. Our Principal Lindy asked me to give out words of knowledge on healing after her sermon. I asked God to confirm if it was the left or right kidney. Daddy said, 'What did I show you?' I said, 'Both kidneys, left and right.' Later, when I asked people with bilateral (both sides) kidney problems to come to the altar, to my surprise, there were many with this problem that came out for prayers.

A special lady came to me in the morning conference on Saturday. She was a 'lady in red' who looked down cast. She came out for prayer for a new set of kidneys. She looked like 50 years old to me. She had cancer before and now she complained of not feeling right but was afraid to see the doctor. After prayer, I reminded her that God loved her and she should continue to worship Him.

In the afternoon, I saw her giving a testimony at our treasure hunt session, smiling and looking much younger, like in her thirties.

In the evening, this same lady was leading a wonderful worship on stage that touched everyone. I couldn't believe she was the same person! I had to look and look again to make sure! She looked like twenty years old and totally transformed – full of energy, jumping around, smiling and going all out with passion for The Lord in worship. My fellow HKSSM student Louisa also made the same comment on her transformation!

Healing – a lady with wrist pain

A middle-aged lady had a swollen wrist. I asked her the standard HKSSM question, 'What is the degree of the pain?' She was offended and shouted at me, 'I said it's pain it's pain lah. Why do you need to know the degree?' I explained to her that this was to let her know that God was healing her and she could sense His presence.

After our prayer, she said she sensed cooling in her wrist and the pain level had gone down to 2 out of 10. She began to smile as she felt God's presence. I prayed some more and she said the wrist pain was completely gone.

Gold dust

I had a 'gold dust make up' from heaven that evening. Even after going back to the hotel for a shower and face washing, the gold dusts were still there. That was amazing!

Simon (Irene's husband)

Healing – Prophetic insightHKSSM-simon 8

I was very much impressed by the unity of our group as we moved and ministered together, supporting and upholding one another. I got to know our fellow students much better and we created a bonding amongst the brothers. I also came to appreciate the different gifts and characters of my classmates.

Another highlight was the prophecy from Pastor Henry over my marriage. It has brought us great joy and peace knowing that we did not just choose each other but it was God who put us together.

My wife, Irene (also a HKSSM student), and I have always felt that God wants us to minister to families. This trip once again re-confirms this.

A man came to me for prayer for his painful hip. The power of God that he felt on the spot was so strong that he later brought his whole family. I blessed his children and then his wife asked me to pray for her sinus problem and sputum in her throat. After the prayer, the sputum disappeared.

Later I saw Irene praying for a couple. I went across to help. The father asked me to bless his business as it was not doing so well. His son was standing behind him. I felt God wanted me to tell him he was a good son. God gave me a verse from Genesis to speak to this son, that he should join with his wife and leave his father and mother. It turned out that he had just got married a month ago. I prophesied over him that God was pleased with him and he should not worry about leaving his parents because God would take good care of them and would protect them. Later he told me that he was a doctor and the Government wanted to transfer him to another state. God had reassured him that he needed not to worry.


Healing – shoulder pain and breathing difficulty

At the Mandarin Service, a lady came to the altar for healing. She had shoulder pain, difficulty in breathing and sinus problems. I noticed that it took her tremendous effort just to finish one sentence. She also looked pale. The Lord showed me the roots of her issues were anger and unforgiveness toward those who had hurt her; and that she had depression. I asked her if she learnt from Lindy's message and she said she was very touched when Lindy shared about “Identity”, for she did not know that she was God's princess.

I led her to forgive and to declare herself as the 'Princess of God'. She said she could feel an itchiness and heat on her shoulder. After the prayer, she could perform movements of the shoulder that she wasn't able to before. She said the shoulder pain was completely gone, the sinus problem was gone, and her lungs were cleared and her face brightened up. She was surprised to be able to talk without having to catch her breath. Her daughter was amazed to see her mother's transformation after the prayer.

HKSSM-Evelyn 11Healing – short leg grow back

A lady who came for prayer introduced herself as 'a Poliomyelitis child since birth'. Her hip was slanting at 45 degrees towards the left because her right leg was shortened by 1.5 inches due to polio. I felt strongly that she had accepted her identity as a 'Poliomyelitis child since birth'. Other fellow HKSSM students around her confirmed this impression.

I led her to renounce her alias name and to receive her true identity in Christ. Then we sat her down to praying for her leg and we asked her to open her eyes to witness the miracle. Her right leg that was 1.5 inches shorter grew out to level with the left leg. And when she stood up to walk, her hip were now leveled. She said while we were praying she could feel angels massaging and loosening up her hip. She left with a new identity and a new joy!

Healing and accepting Jesus – gentleman on wheelchair

There was a gentleman on a wheelchair and his family members told me that he had an operation on his right leg two months ago and had not been able to walk since. I felt the love of God being poured out on him so I asked him, 'Uncle, do you know Jesus?' He wept because he said he felt that love.

When praying for him I felt the Lord asked me to have him lifted up and the next thing we saw was his legs were moving. Seeing that his two legs were moving, the family wept because they said he could not do that for almost two months. Suddenly I sensed in my spirit 'Salvation'. I asked 'Uncle, God loves you. Do you want to accept Jesus?' He wept again and without hesitation he said, 'Yes.' But the Lord told me his immediately family needed to witness this, so I got his wife to join him, and in the presence of God, we led both of them to the Lord!

Identity – daughter with poor immune system

A young lady came for prayer. Her mother told me her daughter's immune system was weak because she was always cold. I could actually feel it holding her hands. The Lord showed me the root of her issue.

I saw a vision of this young lady in a corner all by herself; she refused to live and she had no hope. I felt that I should tell her even if her earthly father would forsake her, Jesus would never forsake her. The word 'abuse' also came to me. When I released these words, her mother standing next to her cried and said the words were all true, that her daughter had been abused by her earthly father.

The Lord touched my heart to speak hope into her spirit and changed her identity to the 'Princess of God'. I also led her to forgive her earthly father. After praying, I saw a smile of relief on her face and I declared she was free. She was walking away in her new identity as a 'Princess of God' and not as an abused daughter anymore.

Vanessa – Walking naturally supernatural is forever in my DNA and everyday life

HKSSM-Vanessa 19Healing – colon cancer patient received joy

Dixie had colon cancer. She was moaning in pain and her face showed agony, hopelessness and misery. As we released the goodness and healing presence of the Lord, her pain level went from 9 out of 10 to 5, then it was completely gone. She hadn't prayed in tongues for a long time so I encouraged her to do that. She started to pray in tongues and then she suddenly broke into laughter! She was sitting up there with us for at least 45 minutes, which she could only do for at most 10 minutes before this prayer.

Attraction of a corporate anointing and love

During the trip, I sensed the power of a group of radical lovers of Jesus with the same mindset walking in Kingdom authority. It was as if everywhere we went, no darkness could stand, and it was not an option for us to think that God would not show up big time. I saw this when we were walking into the church services, blessing the sanctuary, healing the sick, praising in the hotel.

The surprise came when we were merely chatting and loving on one another on the plane during our return flight to Hong Kong. A few of us gathered in the aisle and Lindy, our Principal was showing us how to look prettier. We were having so much fun and laughter. The joy and energy that spilled out from us, God's princesses, must have attracted the attention of a Chinese tour guide. She came over and asked if she could join in, we instantly welcomed her and praised her new look after Lindy's magic touch on her hair. She then went back to her seat but couldn't resist coming over to us again to join in the fun. We told her about the Good News and she instantly accepted Jesus into her life, right there at the aisle of the airplane.HKSSM-Tamie 21


Healing – 70+ year old woman with multiple problems

This 70+ year old woman came out for prayer. She had a 1mm white spot in her left eyeball so she was seeing a moon in her vision all the time. She also had back pain and sleeping problem. Her whole right leg was also bent. When I prayed for her, she was touched by the Holy Spirit and went down on the floor. When she got up, she could now stand with two straight legs; and the white spot in her left eye disappeared; and the back pain was gone. She felt that her body was very light and she was filled with joy.


Healing – pain due to spirit of affliction

I prayed for the drummer of the worship team. He had pain that moved around his body. It started from the right limb and when he came to the altar, it moved to his left limb. I prayed releasing God's goodness to him, and after that he said the pain went to his back. I knew instantly that this was the spirit of affliction and I immediately commanded it to leave his body. It then went to his head. I prayed for him again and then his face lit up. He said the pain was gone! We gave glory to Jesus and I taught him to renounce the pain from coming back.

HKSSM outreach 2013Mo

Crossing the chicken line and releasing the Father's love

It was ministry time at the English morning service on Sunday. I saw that many were waiting at the altar for prayer and suddenly Judy, my fellow HKSSM student called out to me and said, 'Mo, come here to pray for this gentleman and for his heart.' He was an elderly man. I felt shocked because in my mind I was thinking I couldn't do it, and my English was no good (I focused on my weakness!). I hesitated for a few seconds but then I asked if I could minister to him in Cantonese. After praying for him for about 20 seconds, Judy prompted me to pray for his identity. This man started to cry a little bit. I felt I wanted to give him a hug and so I hugged him. His tears fell down on his face and he was crying like a child. I knew the Father's love had filled his heart. I later asked Judy how she knew we had to pray for his identity, she reminded me that we needed to ask God what He wanted to say when we ministered. I learnt that hearing the voice of God is very important during ministry and if I focus on my weakness I won't be able to hear His voice.


Healing – releasing words of knowledge on healing

On Saturday August 10, 2013, at the Mandarin Evening Service at Grace Assembly, a couple came to the altar for healing. The wife had a severe pain in her neck and shoulders. Pain score was 8 out of 10 – it was so painful that she was crying. I laidHKSSM-Ellen 20 my hands and released God's holy presence into those areas. After that, the pain score dropped to 5 out of 10, and she could now lift her hands up to the sky which she couldn't do before. After the second prayer the pain was completely gone and she looked very happy. Glory to God!

The husband had a stomach tumor. He was skinny and weak. He also had a stent (tube) in his stomach. I asked for permission to put my hands over his stomach. After prayer, he felt heat in the stomach area and he vomited some stomach fluid into a cup. I told him to follow up with his doctor on the progress of his condition. Praise the Lord!

The following day, after the Cantonese morning service, I gave words of knowledge before the congregation that God wanted to heal pain on the right hand,wrist,arm and shoulder. An elderly lady with these ailments responded and came out for prayer. She was instantly healed! All glory to him!

HKSSM-Eddy 18Eddy

Healing – elderly lady with shoulder and knee pain

At the end of the sermon given at the Cantonese service on Sunday, we invited sick people to come out for healing in response to our words of knowledge. Many poured into the altar area queuing up for prayer. An 80+ years old lady was instantly healed of shoulder and knee pain. I then asked her to lay hand on another 80+ lady with similar complaints, and to follow me word by word to release a healing prayer. Pain on this lady instantly disappeared. I told the first lady that the anointing was in her, and I encouraged her to do the same for her family if there was ever a need. She mistook it as an invitation to declare healing to the congregation, so she took my microphone and spoke with confidence to rebuke pain and declared healing in the sanctuary. An 80+ elderly declaring healing in public! Heaven was indeed invading the earth that morning!


Circle Dance

HKSSM-Winnie2In preparing for the trip, I felt lead to buy five rainbow streamer strips for the Mission Trip because my heart was lead to do a circle dance. Then on Saturday, in the middle of worship when I saw people at the altar area drawn so close to the Lord, I felt the Holy Spirit was telling me to do a circle dance around the area where I was. I struggled for a moment as I saw my fellow HKSSM students so intimate in worship with the Lord that I didn't want to disturb them, but the flow of the worship was so strong and the Holy Spirit kept stirring that I took a risk and approach them. They gladly agreed. We did a simple circle dance with the rainbow strips. The next day Pastor Philip of that church told us that where we did the circle dance was the area a prophet prophesized about a portal to heaven and many people approaching that spot would be so touched by God that they cried. I was really excited as I didn't know the significance of that!HKSSM-Winnie 23

Healing – Mandarin Pastor back pain, frozen shoulder and short leg

At the Mandarin service we were ministering to people who came out for healing prayer. The Pastor of the Mandarin congregation walked by me and I had a strong impression to pray for him. I felt the Holy Spirit was telling me to pray for alignment of his back and to grow his legs. I hesitated and thought maybe Lindy (our Principal) would be the more appropriate person to pray for him than me. So I told Josh (my group leader) about it and he encouraged me to just ask the Pastor. The Pastor gladly welcomed the idea and we started praying for him. It turned out that he had pain in his lower back, a frozen shoulder and his left leg was shorter than the right. We made a funny mistake of praying for the wrong leg to grow so when we realized it, we started to pray for his left leg to grow, but by this time his right leg was already growing. Then the right leg stopped growing and the left leg grew out. Jokingly, pastor said he had to change the description on his passport now that his legs are longer! Of course his back pain was better and the frozen shoulder was healed.


I went to Malaysia with 33 other students from HKSSM. Little did I know that when our principal, Lindy Heung-Shea, led us on this outreach; it would be one of the best experiences of God's healing and miracles in my life. The presence of our Lord Jesus was so strong and He was with us throughout the conference and the Sunday services, it was like the book of Acts 1:8, “you will be my witnesses in Jerusalem, and in all Judea and …”

On the second night of the conference, I had a disturbing dream. I saw a lady suffering from depression jump from a window. I woke up wondering, “Why did I have this dream?” but thought nothing of it when no answer came to mind.

Later on, during a worship session, the Holy Spirit suddenly spoke to me. I clearly pictured the expression of the lady's face in my dream and immediately realized I was receiving a word of knowledge. Quickly, I wrote a note to Lindy about this and amazingly she confirmed that she also received the same impression. She shared during her preaching and many who suffered depression came up to the altar for prayer. Fellow student, Audrey Sun prayed over the phone for a lady who had depression for many months, and she was healed immediately!

HKSSM outreach 2013 by Andisit 46During the evening session, I prayed for a gentleman who was deaf in his right ear. I spoke into the deaf ear, “In the name of Jesus, open!” When the man confirmed that he heard me, I decided to quietly whisper into his right ear to make sure his left ear didn't pick up what I was saying. I asked again if he could hear, and the man happily replied, “I can hear!” The man then asked for another healing. He had problems with his knee and could not bend them without severe pain. In an HKSSM class, I had learned to pray with simple prayers, and after only two lines, I witnessed the Lord's amazing power. The man could now kneel without pain! It was wonderful to see how satisfied the man was in the Lord.

Sunday morning during worshipping, the Lord revealed a word of knowledge to me – he wanted to heal brokenness, un-forgiveness and bitterness, as well as those with low self-esteem. Eddy Kong, fellow student and speaker that day had received the same revelation from the Lord. Indeed I got to minister to a man who had low self-esteem. His parents and friends had abused him and told him he was useless. It was wonderful to see the man touched by the Holy Spirit and smiled so joyfully.

A young lady was bitter and unforgiving towards her father. A common problem in Asian cultures is that some fathers favor their sons over daughters and this lady was no exception. While praying with her, the Lord revealed to me that sometimes, I also tended to give more attention to my son than my daughter. Not only did the Lord heal the young lady who forgave her father with a joyful heart, He healed me as well. Praise the Lord!

Another lady had difficulty bending her fingers. After my first simple prayer, she was very happy to find that she could now bend her fingers slowly without feeling pain. After a second prayer, she was able to bend them more smoothly and finally, with a third prayer, her fingers were completely healed by the Lord.

She then asked for her knees to be healed and after another simple prayer, she could jump. Finally, she asked for her back to be healed and once again the Lord did not disappoint. She bent to touch her toes and felt no pain for the first time in a long while.

I want to thank Lindy and Joshua for their leadership, as well as everyone in the teams for their faith and unity. We were so blessed by this outreach and I saw that all the students who participated in this conference experienced Jesus' healing power