Year 1, 2013

Our Pioneer Class

January 2013 - February 2014

David webDavid Lew: HKSSM has impacted me greatly in several areas:

Supernatural understanding of the Word:
Since attending HKSSM, I have been reading the Bible and book assignments with a brand new heavenly perspective and excitement. I am receiving a lot more revelation and deeper understanding of concepts like supernatural kingdom, royalty, culture of honor, revivalists….

While these concepts were just knowledge to me before, they are now starting to make sense and putting on greater relevancy. When reading the assigned books, I find amazing treasures on almost every page, so much so that I end up highlighting almost every paragraph. I know it does not make sense to do that, but it is almost uncontrollable!

I must say that I have learned more about prophetic/spiritual things in this year than in all my previous years combined. But, the more I study, the more I know I am just scratching the surface.

Shepherding our congregations in Hong Kong and in China:
I find my teachings and sermons are becoming more prophetic and Spirit-based. I am also trying to minister more in the gifts of the Holy Spirit in healing and prophecy. Through Treasure Hunting, we are gaining boldness in evangelism and outreach, something our churches will develop more in the months ahead.

There is a change towards a culture of honor, unity, respect and openness with our leaders – a rather big change! They are beginning to learn that being a ‘yes man’ is basically dishonest – as taught by Bill Johnson! Our praise and worship is getting more prophetic and spontaneous.

Blessings in relationship with my wife- better communication:
My wife Diana and I are the founding pastors of Joyful Harvest Fellowship. The main church is in Hong Kong with three other locations in China. Before I would do my sermon preparations and she would do hers, but now, I can share concepts and discuss what I have learned at HKSSM with her!Every Wednesday night, I would come home from school and she would ask, ‘What have you learned today?’ instead of, ‘Have you eaten yet?’

I still have so much to learn. That is why I am looking forward to the second year of HKSSM – the graduate class!

I am grateful for the opportunity to study at HKSSM. Many things have made this school first- class, not the least of which is our headmaster – Lindy!My walk with God and my ministry will never be the same after this school.


Irene--Simon webSimon & Irene Tang: Our experience as students of the Pioneer Year of HKSSM is like Heaven invading Earth. We are wholehearted believers in the supernatural, signs and wonders. It all started about 20 years ago when we encountered the outpouring of the Holy Spirit that began at the Toronto Airport Vineyard Church. The taste of the Lord’s goodness and love was so deep and wonderful that we could not have enough of Him.

When the Lord led us back to Hong Kong in 1998, we were longing to find a place where we could replicate that experience. However, the challenges and busyness of life in Hong Kong slowly reduced our zeal into distant memory. Our everyday walk with the Lord was becoming mundane and lack of excitement. If it were not by the Grace of God, we would have easily continued to live an ordinary Christian life making little or no difference to the world and people around us.

But thank God for His faithfulness! He brought us back first with the revelation of Grace that He is always pleased with us and then He placed us in HKSSM among believers with the same conviction. It is our fellow students that made our experience in HKSSM special. The unity of the students in pursuing God together was so tangible that you could feel it when we met for lessons.

God has used the life and testimonies of each student to fan the fire of others and the more we encourage one another with our words and our testimonies, the closer we experience Heaven on Earth for many testimonies of others have become realities for us. It is exciting to live Heaven on Earth!


Jun--YumikoJun & Yumiko Aibara: It is a great honor to be part of the first graduating class of HKSSM. We thank God that we were able to attend all 74 classes as well as the school’s mission trip to Malaysia where we boldly released all that we had learned in the classroom.

At HKSSM we started by embracing our true identity as princes and princesses of our heavenly Father, that we carry God’s presence. We learned about the Father’s love. We went for treasure hunts and we crossed the chicken line. All the lessons were full of revelations from God and we got much more than we had expected.

At school we also learned that we are called to be world changers. With all that we learned about the culture of honor, healing the sick, giving words of prophecy and words of knowledge, we realized that now is the time for us to step forward to take risk for God.

God put the thoughts in our hearts to go back to Japan to serve God and the people there. It was not an easy decision after living here for 20 years. But once we made up our minds to move on, God started to open doors for us in Japan. Now we are both working for the Salvation Army there.

We remember attending a Christian conference in Penang, Malaysia in December, 2010. There we were prophesied over several times about us going back to Japan to preach the gospel and help the people there. We received each prophecy sincerely. At the time we had no ideas when that would come to pass, but we know now that this is the time.

IMG 3055-1In January 2014, right after our HKSSM graduation, we went to Israel on a mission trip. There we met some students from GCSSM (Global Celebration School of Supernatural Ministry) and by God’s grace we got activated to serve the children and widows at refugee camps, and also the wounded soldiers in a hospital. There by the Jordan River, we had an opportunity to pray for a lady from Toronto, Canada. She had severe pain in her lower back and it was difficult for her to walk without holding on to something. We released God’s goodness and His healing power to her and she was instantly healed!

We truly appreciate our principal Ms. Lindy Heung for all the encouragement given to us students throughout the school year.

Our class had become as close as family, and I believe despite the distance our friendship will continue to grow.

We know we are revivalists and God’s secret agents in the world!


Eddy webEddy Kong: Studying at HKSSM is a life-changing experience for me. I used to be a striving kind of person, in all aspects of my life! I could get easily frustrated with areas that seemed unfamiliar to me. I am a spirit-filled Christian but I felt there were hindrances that kept me from going deeper with God.

At HKSSM, I learned a lot about who I am and how God sees me, that He is not mad at me but rather, He is in a good mood all the times. He restores my identity and brings me back home to enjoy His goodness and loving kindness. Now I no longer work hard for His love like I used to.

I wouldn’t have thought I could be transformed from inside out within such a short time. Throughout school I was greatly impacted by the powerful testimonies of classmates who demonstrated the power of God in the classroom, in the malls, MTR, at their work places and even at the graveyard!! Now I know when praying for a sick person, I don’t have to pray long prayers like I used to do, for it’s the Presence of God not my many words that heals. Invasion of heaven on earth is no longer a concept or a dream to me; it becomes a reality and a lifestyle of mine.


Amy webAmy Lai: HKSSM has enlightened me to my identity. Before, I merely thought about myself as one of the ‘faceless’ children of God. It is only after attending HKSSM did I realize that I am actually specially and wonderfully made. God created me with love, pleasure and precision. My uniqueness testifies God’s attentiveness to the smallest detail in me. What struck me the most about my identity is not on how much anointing or how many gifts I have but His desire to draw close to me. God just does not seem to have enough of me! Because of this now I can be confident of prayers, prophesies, or declarations being answered or materialized.

HKSSM has also taught me the importance of humility. I remember a well-said phrase from Kris Vallotton was that humility is not to think little of oneself, but to think about others more. At HKSSM, we honor and love one another. The unity and purity in purpose and spirit have become a scented offering to God and attracted open heaven, which resulted in miracles, transformation, restoration, purification, healing, renewal and many more.

It is such a blessing to enrol in HKSSM. I have become more intimate with God. Anchoring to God has gradually changed me to look more like the one I behold. It is really a privilege to know Him more.


James-2James So: I have been a Christian for two decades but had fragmented and often contradicting concepts of God’s nature. Somehow the theology I picked up through the years do not sync accurately with what I read from Scriptures. I once believed that God permits sickness to build character into His children, I consequently embraced sicknesses as though they were special gifts from God. When I prayed for the sick and nothing happened I excused it with, “it’s not God’s will to heal.”

I joined the HK School of Supernatural Ministry with the primary intent to sit under those who listen to the “heartbeat of the Father,” who did not merely theorized doctrines but took huge risks and acted them out, who lived the fullness of the Word and exhibited the reality of the Kingdom which I only read about. Six months into the school, a paradigm shifted within my heart and mind as I “crossed many chicken [fear] lines” and became grounded on “who I am” in Christ – a prince, a royal priest, holy and righteous.

I now firmly believe that God is good – all the time, His plan is to prosper and never to harm! I humbly received the privilege to perform signs and wonders, to bring Heaven on Earth. I learned to steward my experiences to preach effectively the Gospel, never again just to pray but to heal the sick. From a year ago, I have witnessed the first blind eye open; a twisted leg realigned right before my eyes then walking away from her crutches; a 5-year incurable Ankylosing spondylitis healed instantly! And the best part is not the frequent miracles but that the people within my circle are now having a constant love encounter with my God as I willingly release His presence.

My Christian walk has never been so fun, easy, joyful, pleasurable, fulfilling; with each new day I witness a Greater and more Glorious God who asked me to call Him, Daddy.

Book List:

  • When Heaven Invades Earth – Bill Johnson
  • The Supernatural Ways of Royalty – Kris Vallotton
  • Unlocking Heaven – Kevin Dedmon
  • Experiencing Father’s Embrace – Jack Frost
  • Culture of Honor – Danny Silk
  • Face to Face with God – Bill Johnson
  • The Ultimate Treasure Hunt – Kevin Dedmon
  • God’s Generals: Why They Succeeded and Why Some Failed – Robert Liardon
  • Dreaming With God – Bill Johnson
  • Heavy Rain – Kris Vallotton
  • Strengthen Yourself In The Lord – Bill Johnson